American Pickers’ Storefront in Nashville

In front of American Pickers' Antique Archeology store in Nashville, TN

My wife and I enjoy watching Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and Danielle Colby Cushman on the television show called American Pickers, which can be found on the History Channel.  In American Pickers, Mike and Frank drive all over the place logging thousands of miles just to dig onto piles of grimy and dusty junk found in homes, garages, land, warehouses, junkyards, barns, basements, etc throughout America.  They are in search of hidden and undiscovered relics that can be restored and sold either on eBay or at one of their two Antique Archeology storefronts.  btw, Many of the places Frank and Mike visit are probably waiting to appear in another reality show called “Hoarders.”  They are that bad, but somewhere in that pile of junk or garbage is something valuable.

My wife enjoys the show because connects with the thrill of finding a unique piece of history in the most unusual place whether it be a garage sale or a flea market in our local town of Milford, PA, along the Left Bank of Paris or on the streets of London.  She is interested in the beauty and the history of antiques.  My reason for enjoying the show has a more capitalistic bent.  I too enjoy finding hidden gems, not for their beauty but for their potential return on investment much like I did when I was a research analyst for Wall Street firms including Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and Salomon, Smith Barney.

On my way to a wedding in Dallas, I decided to look up the location of Antique Archeology’s store and too my delight it was just a few blocks off I-40 in Nashville, TN.  What the directions didn’t say was that it was a rather circuitous route to get there so a few blocks should have been a few miles.  Nevertheless I was happy with the opportunity to visit the place.  My plan was to arrive before the place opened take some photos outside then go inside to purchase a few items and have my photo taken with one of the gang.

I was disappointed to find out that Nashville was in the Central Time Zone so I was there more than two hours before it opens.  I did not have that much time to waste so I settled for placing my Leica M9 on a tripod for a couple of self-portraits outside the store.